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Easily start and manage your business with the help of service providers who have considerable experience working with e-resident companies.

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Single services (DIY)

Get hands on with company administration. Do what you can and pick complementary services as needed.

  • Minimise starting costs
  • Use only the services you need
  • Be nimble from the start
  • Less time for clients and growth
  • Added compliance risk
  • Increased costs as you add each service (vs. packages)


Choose a package of essential services, if you prefer an all-in-one system for company administration.

  • Cost effective in the long run
  • Time efficient
  • Access client portals and automated features
  • Maybe expensive for small enterprises to get started
  • Some business will need more tailored services or supports

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“Very efficient. Everything can be done and verified online. I don't have to worry about accounting and reporting, I can then only focus on growing my business.”